There are dozens, if not hundreds, of activities or events where portable sanitation services are required - or will simply make participation or attendance more pleasurable or endurable.

Following is a quick overview of the top categories for portable sanitation uses:

  • Construction and Work Sites – commercial, industrial, and residential
  • Recreation – parks, campgrounds, pools, private homes and cabins
  • Outdoor Public Gatherings – concerts, festivals, fairs, and weddings
  • Sporting Events – stadiums, auto races, golf tournaments and ballgames
  • Agriculture – in fields and temporary labor sites
  • Disaster Relief – floods, fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes
  • Government Agencies – military facilities, airports, and schools
  • Permanent Human Settlements - areas where plumbing isn’t available

There are surely many more applications than are mentioned here, and Piedmont Portables has the inventory in stock and ready to meet your particular needs.